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CNC Spindle Spindle

- May 15, 2018 -

Machine tool spindle rotation error
CNC Spindle Spindle Rotation Error refers to the drift of the actual axis of rotation for the ideal axis of rotation. Including the spindle end surface round runout, the main axis radial runout, the main axis of the tilt axis of the geometric swing.
1) Spindle end face circle runout affects the machining accuracy of CNC centering machine: 1 No effect when machining cylindrical surface; 2 When the end faces of the car and the crucible are perpendicular to the cylindrical surface, or the flatness error of the end surface; Good thread processing will produce pitch error.
  2) The influence of radial runout of spindle on machining accuracy: 1 If the radial rotation error is represented by the straight line moving in the y-axis coordinate direction of the actual axis, the holes bored by the boring machine are oval holes, and the roundness error is Radial circle jump amplitude; and the hole out of the lathe car has no effect; 2 If the spindle axis for eccentric motion, regardless of the car, can get a radius from the tip to the average axis of the circle.
 3) The influence of the inclination of the main axis's geometrical axis on machining accuracy: 1 The geometrical axis has a conical trajectory with a certain cone angle in the space with respect to the average axis. From each section, it is equivalent to the eccentric movement of the geometric axis around the average axis, while the slave axis Seeing that the eccentricity value is different everywhere; 2 the geometrical axis oscillates in a certain plane. From the perspective of each cross section, it is equivalent to the actual axis as a simple harmonic motion in a plane, and the jump amplitudes are different from each other in the axial direction; 3 In fact, the inclination swing of the main axis of the main axis is a superposition of the above two types.
 Transmission error of machine tool chain
 The drive error of the drive chain of the CNC drive mechanism refers to the relative motion error between the transmission components at the end and the end of the drive chain.
 4, fixture manufacturing error and wear
 The error of the CNC eccentric fixture mainly refers to: 1) manufacturing errors of positioning components, tool guiding components, indexing mechanisms, and clamps; 2) relative dimensional error between the above components when the fixture is assembled; 3) fixtures Wear of the work surface during use.

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