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Daily necessities and hardware industry

- Jun 06, 2018 -

Daily necessities and hardware industry, including lighters, toys, locks, door hinges, gym equipment, mattresses, sofas, hardware, steel wire, non-standard retainers, etc., in terms of quantity, the demand for springs is the largest, with hundreds of billions. , Technical requirements are not high, the price is very low, generally produced by the small spring factory scattered in the country, Guangdong Aofeng spring plant, they have a unique advantage in cost, large spring plant is difficult to compete with them. According to Luo Baihui, Secretary-General of the International Tool & Die Hardware and Plastic Industry Suppliers Association, the domestic market has had a strong demand for daily-use hardware products, which has led to the growth of non-standard springs for matching spring steel wire cables, which has triggered the birth of new spring companies from time to time. In the future, market demand will increase at a rate of 7% to 10% per year. After China's accession to the WTO, the export volume of daily hardware products has increased significantly, and spring demand has been driven. However, due to the influence of international market demand and trade barriers, the international market has its own uncertainties.

Instrument and Appliance Market Starts Recovery

Typical products of instrumentation and electronic and electrical springs such as brush springs, switch springs, camera springs, computer keyboard springs, and instrumentation accessories springs. Such springs include leaf springs, guide springs, and non-standard retainer springs for metal steel wires. Product material and technical requirements vary widely. In the past few years, the domestic instrumentation, electronic and electrical industries were impacted by imported products and were generally sluggish. The spring manufacturers supporting them were weighed down and have recently recovered and recovered.

Industrial and mineral product market is adjusting

The industrial and mineral products market covers textile machinery from cradle springs to chemical springs, power station switches and hanger springs, bulldozer springs, etc., covering the industrial sectors other than the transportation industry. The material, technical requirements, and processes of the products The difference is huge. The demand for springs is directly proportional to market demand for production materials and the scale of infrastructure projects. It was affected by the industrial structure a few years ago. This market has been in an awkward state and has recently picked up, but it has not yet gotten rid of adjustments. The situation.

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