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Five-axis linkage machining and compound processing machine tool development

- May 15, 2018 -

Five-axis linkage machining and compound processing machine tool development

The use of 5-axis simultaneous machining of 3D surface parts can be used to cut the tool with the best geometry, which not only has a high degree of finish but also greatly improves the efficiency. It is generally believed that the efficiency of a 5-axis machine tool can be equal to 2 3-axis linkage machines. Especially when using ultra-hard material cutters such as cubic boron nitride for high-speed milling of hardened steel parts, 5-axis simultaneous machining can be compared with 3-axis linkage. Processing to play a higher efficiency. But in the past due to the 5-axis linkage CNC system, the host structure is complex and other reasons, the price is higher than the three-axis linkage CNC machine tool several times, coupled with programming technology is more difficult, restricting the development of 5-axis linkage machine tools.
At present, due to the appearance of the electric spindle, the structure of the composite spindle head that realizes 5-axis linkage processing is greatly simplified, its manufacturing difficulty and cost are greatly reduced, and the price gap of the numerical control system is reduced. As a result, the development of composite spindle head type 5-axis linkage machine tools and composite machine tools (including 5-sided machining tools) has been promoted. In the EMO2001 exhibition, the five-face processing machine of Nippon Machine Tool Co., Ltd. adopts a compound spindle head, which can realize the processing of four vertical planes and processing at any angle, so that five-side processing and five-axis processing can be realized on the same machine tool. It can realize the processing of inclined surface and inverted cone. German DMG company exhibited DMUVoution series machining center, which can be processed in 5 stages and 5-axis linkage in a single fixture, and can be directly or indirectly controlled by CNC system control or CAD/CAM.

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