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The Steel Used For Cold Stamping

- Jun 29, 2018 -

Reasonable attention should be paid to the selection of automotive stamping parts. In the production of automotive stampings, a large number of cold stamping processes are used to meet the needs of automotive stamping parts industry for multi-variety and mass production. In medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, most of the covers such as the body panels, and some load-bearing and support components such as frames, carriages and other auto parts are automotive stampings.

Steel plates and strips: The steel used for cold stamping is mainly steel plates and strips, which account for 72.6% of the steel consumption of the whole vehicle. Cold stamping materials are closely related to the production of automotive stampings. The quality of the materials not only determines the performance of the products It has a direct impact on the process design of automotive stamping parts, which affects the quality, cost, service life and production organization of the products. Therefore, the rational selection of materials is an important and complex task.

High-strength steel: The rapid development of the automobile industry has played an important role in the national economy and social development. However, due to energy shortages, environmental pollution and other issues, the contradiction in the development of the industry is also increasingly prominent. Looking ahead, the development of the industry can only be established in the context of nature, ecology, energy conservation, and security, and its development can only be sustained. Under this background, the application of lightweight and high-strength steel has become an important development direction. However, due to the increase in the strength of high-strength steel plates, the traditional cold stamping process is prone to cracking during the molding process, and it cannot meet the processing requirements of high-strength steel plates.

In the case that the molding conditions cannot be satisfied, hot stamping forming techniques for ultra-high-strength steel sheets have been gradually studied internationally. This technology is a new process that integrates forming, heat transfer, and phase transformation. It mainly uses high-temperature austenite, the plasticity of the sheet material, and the decrease in yield strength, and the forming process through the die. However, thermoforming requires in-depth research on process conditions, metal phase transitions, and CAE analysis technologies. Currently, this technology is monopolized by foreign manufacturers and domestic development is slow.

According to survey statistics, the application of high-strength steels for some automotive brands has continued to expand, and the use of high-strength steel for body frames in some models has reached 90%. Based on the characteristics and characteristics of high-strength steels, if the metal flow can not be changed and the friction reduced, the cracking and uneven texture of high-strength steel (HSS) may cause the rejection rate of components to increase. This material has a high kilo-pound force per square inch (KSI) (a unit of measurement for flexion force), an increased rebound, a tendency to work-harden, and operation at elevated molding temperatures is a mold challenge. It is an indisputable fact that lubrication affects the formability. Therefore, high-performance lubricants can provide a higher performance membrane to protect metals from fracture, fracturing, or being welded to molds. Good lubricants also reduce frictional heat, allow metal flow to continue and control wrinkling or breaking. In response to this problem, the United States IRMCO company as a world-renowned professional engaged in lubrication research and manufacturing company, since 30 years ago has successfully developed a new type of water-based lubrication technology to solve the problem of high-strength steel molding.

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