CNC Precision Machining Parts

CNC Precision Machining Parts

CNC Precision Machining Parts,CNC Machining Parts

Product Details

Product Name:

high precision cnc turning stainless steel parts  mirror polish

Material Available:

Aluminum , Copper , Brass ,Stainless steel, 17-4PH, POM , Ultem , PEEK , DERLIN AF etc plastic ;

Surface treatment Available:

Anodized , Hard Anodizing , Chromate, Electrolytic Plating, Nickel Plating, Galvanize, Paint, Powder Coating, Polish ,Gold and silver plating etc.


Customer requirement

Material standard:


machining process:

CNC Machining, Turning, Milling, Stamping, Bending, Welding, Tapping, Riveting, Gear cutting, Wire-cutting, etc.



Application Available for:

Automotive, Automation, Test systems, Sensors, Medical, Sports, Consumer, Home appliance, Electronic, Pumps, Computers, Power and energy, Architecture, Printing, Food, Textile machinery, Optical, Lighting, Security and safety, AOI, SMT equipment, etc

Welcome to send us drawings to machine the customized parts you are looking for.Our CNCS are good at machining small complex parts in any volume,meanwhile especially cost-effective.Below parts are all in our scope


Screw Machine Products, Brass Machined Parts, High Volume Machining, CNC Machining, Medical & Dental Components, Swiss Machining, High Precision Turned Parts.

Bearing Sleeves,Connectors,Contacts,Couplings,Detent Pins etc.

CNC Machining Quality Assurance

We offer a wide range of quality assurance measures to ensure that  CNC Machined Part is manufactured in high quality. Our precision parts quality control process including below:

ISO 9001:2008 certified

NIST-certified measurement equipment

thorough reporting and tracking for each and every project

PPAP compliance which requires adherence to a stringent protocol for part approval. 

Reporting and Trace-ability - thorough reporting and tracking for each and every project.

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