CNC Turning Milling Metal Precision Machine Parts

CNC Turning Milling Metal Precision Machine Parts

Fog machine parts

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Fog machine parts

Main workmanshipcustomized precision  high precision cnc machining plastic parts
Tolerance"+/-0.1-0.05mm as per customers drawing
EquipmentCNC centre,CNC lathe,General lathe,General Milling, CNC milling, Drilling machine, internal grinder.Cylindrical grinder machine,centerless grinder machine & other equipments.
Inspection 100% inspection before shipment( Provide inspection report & material certificate)
Inspection toolMicrometer, Thread Gages,Calipers,Pin Gauge,Projector,CMM, Altimeter etc
Format of DrawingAuto CAD, Solid works, Pro/E, PDF

The Japan Machine Tool Industry Association and the New Energy Industry Technology Development Agency (NEDO) have started to design a new generation of 5-axis CNC machining. The equipment is expected to use carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) components this year.

The use of CFRP, which is lightweight, does not easily thermally expand, and has excellent vibration absorption, can significantly improve the energy efficiency of CNC machining centers by about 20%, and improve machining accuracy. It is expected to be practical in 2018.

Japanese media reported that major machine tool companies such as OKUMA, FANUC, and DMG Mori Seiki have cooperated with universities and NEDO institutions in Japan, and have cooperated with industry and university officials. In the first half of this year, CFRP components can be analyzed on the computer. The basic specifications, and plans to complete the "standard model" by 2018, when companies can use this standard CFRP standard parts on its machine tools.

However, there are already spindles and other CFRP machine tools, but this development will start with the overall design of the NC machining center, adjust the CNC machining center to ensure that the CFRP can replace the metal parts can produce more features can be processed.

The proportion of FRP is relatively light, which is 1/4 of that of iron. CFRP parts can save a lot of energy when it is in operation. At the same time, thermal expansion is not easy and heat is not easily transferred, which can reduce the process accuracy caused by part of the mechanical expansion caused by heat during processing. However, CFRP parts have many problems that are not completely solved, such as high price and difficulty to be combined with other materials.

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