High Load Conical Spring

High Load Conical Spring


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Nickel Alloy Round Wire High Load Conical Spring

conically-tapered compression springs are our main product. Tapered springs are characterized not only by their shape, but also by the fact that they are more laterally stable and less liable to buckle than regular compression springs. There is a necessary increase in the applied force to compress a tapered spring due to the flexibility of the larger-diameter coils causing progressive contact with one another. This feature can be a plus for spring-supported vibrating objects by reducing the resonant (bouncing) amplitudes commonly found in constant-diameter, spring-supported systems. Probably its most beneficial characteristic is that it can be designed so that each active coil fits within the next, with the solid height equal to one or two thicknesses of wire.

estorsHandheld x-ray spectrometer 
Torsion testing machine
Fatigue testing machine
High temperature load testing machine
Universal tension-compression testing machine
Tension-compression testing machine
Reverse bend testing machine
Rockwell hardness tester
ApplicationAviation, automotive, motorbike, bicycle, automatic equipment, 
Household appliance, medical device, toy, telecommunication, 
Computer, instrument and meter, furniture, electric tools, 
Mold and other industries

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