Extension Spring

Extension Spring is attached at both ends to other components. When these components move apart, the spring tries to bring them together again.
Applications for extension springs include belowing:
automotive interiors and exteriors, garage door assemblies, vise-grip pliers springs, carburetors springs, trampolines Springs, washing devices springs, springs for farm machinery and toys etc. Extension springs could find in small medical devices as well as off-road machinery brake springs.Many sizes are available.
At the design stage of Custom Extension Springs, the length of the hooks at each end of the spring can be adjusted in order to precisely obtain the required spring load at any extended position.
extension springs Key Design Parameters:
Outer Diameter, Inner Diameter, Wire Diameter, Free Length and Extended Length
• The Free Length is the overall length of a spring in the unloaded position.
• The Extended Length is the length at full rated extension.
Spring Rate and Maximum Load
• The Spring Rate is the force per unit spring deflection.
• The Maximum Load is the load at full extension.
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