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Automotive Springs

- Mar 19, 2018 -

For the majority of spring practitioners,automotive springs are a key part of the spring industry, but where exactly do we produce the springs? Where are the differences in the use of springs for different structures? We use the suspension springs first and different types of suspensions. System for analytical learning

The typical suspension system structure mainly includes elastic elements, guide mechanisms, and shock absorbers. The elastic elements are in the form of leaf springs, air springs, spiral springs, and torsion bar springs, while modern car suspension systems use spiral springs and torsion bar springs. Individual limousines use air springs.

Springs and shock absorbers

In suspension damping mechanism, there will be a root spring in addition to the damper. Why do we need springs with shock absorbers? In fact, they need their cooperation to complete the task of vibration reduction.

When the vehicle is driving on an uneven surface, the spring is deformed after being impacted by the ground, and the spring needs to be restored.

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