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Battery Spring Overview

- Mar 27, 2018 -

Battery Spring Overview

In simple terms, a battery spring is a kind of electronic hardware material.

It also has an English name called BATTERY CONNECTOR. There are many other names for it, and many people are not the same name, such as battery connector, charger terminals and so on. The battery spring plays a very important role in the composition of the battery. Usually the battery spring is made of copper, iron, or stainless steel because it needs to energize the battery, so choose a material that can conduct electricity. Usually these raw materials also need to be plated with silver, nickel and CT. And its working principle is very simple. After the battery is installed, the battery spring on the conductive film will be squeezed, and the center point of the spring can contact the PCB board to form a loop, so that the current on the battery can lead to the need. Its place, to drive the operation of the equipment. Using a battery spring to conduct electricity, the effect is very good and the hand feels good.

The working temperature of the battery spring increases, the elastic modulus of the spring material decreases, resulting in a decrease in rigidity and a change in the load carrying capacity. Therefore, the spring operating at a high temperature must understand the rate of change of the elastic modulus, and calculate the decrease in the spring load carrying capacity to the use performance. Impact.

 At low temperature, the brittleness of the material is very sensitive to surface defects. Therefore, the surface quality of the material should be strictly required.
At low temperatures, the environmental media erodes the material much less than under the greenhouse, and cadmium plating and galvanizing can cause cold brittleness.
At low temperatures, the elastic modulus and coefficient of expansion of the material do not change much and may not be considered in the design.

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