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China CNC Machining developement

- Mar 22, 2018 -

Shanghai Machine Tool Works has successfully developed the world's largest CNC roll grinder with a maximum grinding diameter of 2500mm, an effective grinding length of 15 meters, a maximum grinding weight of 250 tons, and a software system with independent intellectual property rights.

It symbolizes that China's machine tool factory will create a new milestone in extreme manufacturing, and it also marks the country's heavy-duty high-precision CNC machine tools among the world's advanced level.

The world's largest processing diameter propeller processing machine: China transmission heavy seven-axis six linkage machine

Zhongchuan Heavy-duty Machine Tool Co., Ltd. independently developed the world's largest processing diameter 7 axis 6 linkage propeller processing machine, the largest can process 11 meters diameter propeller.

The quiet performance of naval submarines is a core indicator for measuring the combat effectiveness of submarines. For a long time, the submarine noise of the Chinese Navy has been widely criticized by the outside world. The US military even threatened that Chinese submarines can be detected as soon as they are out of Hong Kong. The core component that restricts the noise of submarines is the propeller at the end of the submarine. The commissioning of the 7-axis and 6-link propeller processing machine will greatly assist the qualitative change of noise performance of the Chinese navy submarine.

Seven axis and six linkage machine tools are the largest and most complex machine tools in the world. The successful development of this machine tool symbolizes that China's machine tool companies already have the strength to compete with the world's machine tool companies on the international market.

CITIC Heavy Industries successfully developed 18,500 tons of hydraulic presses. This is the world's largest and most technologically advanced hydraulic press. The hydraulic machine has a height of 20 meters above the ground, a depth of 7.5 meters below the ground, a movable worktable of 5.4 x 13 meters, a maximum upsetting force of 18,500 tons, and a weight of more than 4,000 tons. It is the only one in the world and is known as "the world A crown of the free-forging kingdom."

The upper crossbeam of this hydraulic press was successfully cast at one time. It was 11.95 meters long, 3.8 meters wide and 4.59 meters high. The total weight of the blank was 520 tons. This is the largest steel casting in the world with the most molten steel and cast tonnage.

CITIC Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. manufactures and installs 16-meter-diameter large-scale hobbing processing equipment, which is currently the world's largest processing diameter, the most advanced technical performance gear CNC machining equipment, the maximum processing diameter of 16 meters.

Moreover, China's independent intellectual property rights, full-featured, high-precision CNC heavy-duty crankshaft compound processing machine is also successfully developed by CITIC Heavy Industries, enabling China to master the manufacturing technology of heavy-duty marine crankshaft machining tools, and has escaped the previous situation where large-scale marine crankshafts were heavily dependent on imports. China has also become the third country in the world after Germany and Japan to independently design and independently manufacture crankshaft processing equipment.

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