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Clips Metal Clothespins

- Jun 27, 2018 -

Stainless steel leaves no rust marks on damp clothing, no vinyl coating to peel, and can be sanitized unlike wooden clothes pegs that easily splinter. Will not break, sag or stretch under the weight of wet laundry unlike plastic hangars or difficult to install retractable clothes lines. Will not fall apart, break down or disintegrate like plastic in the UV sunlight and extreme heat.


Smart Space Save Design

Collapses flat when not in use for easy storage and quick non-tangle frustration free setup.With one hand move 52 items at once from the washing machine or sink to the drying area to your storage closet.

Integrated hanging hook fit its over any clothes closet or shower rod!

Laundry Hangers Size :

62cm × 33.5cm ×  29.5 cm (when used) ;

31 cm × 33.5 cm × 5 cm (when folded)

Package Includes:1 *52 Portable wire hanging laundry rack          2*clips for free        


Spreading Adaptation

Fit all closets and perfect for apartments.Easily convert any indoor or outside patio or balcony into a drying area. It is fit for hanging towel, underwear, scarf, panties, shirt ,silk, tie ,sock ,napkin or other clothes.

Other racks have room for only a few garments, but our rack can hold up to 52 garments at once .And it is ideal for housewives.Designed as both a space-saver and time-saver as well as a money saver on laundry day. No more waiting your turn at coin-operated shared dryers.

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