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CNC vertical machining center

- Mar 23, 2018 -

CNC vertical machining center mainly deals with steel products, castings and other products, taking into account the mold, the size of the product is often slightly larger, emphasizing the high metal removal rate, drilling and milling and boring hinges and other process integration.

Wide range of engraving machines, materials, "wood, plastic, wafers," etc., emphasis on "engraving", with small tools, small cutting, low hardness. The engraving machine is located between the engraving machine and the CNC and is used for high-speed, high-precision cutting of molds, copper electrodes, and graphite.

In terms of structure: CNC vertical machining centers are mainly C-type and gantry-type, with tool magazines and automatic tool change arms. The structure is rigid and heavy. Spindle speed is low, between 4000 ~ 12000, does not rule out the high speed machine, often uses the mechanical main axle, the torque is big.

The engraving machine and the precision carving machine are mainly based on the Longmen Dingliang structure, basically without a magazine, and the structural rigid engraving machine is slightly stronger than the engraving machine. Spindle speed, the engraving machine is often higher than the engraving machine, the use of electric spindle can often reach 24000rpm or even more than 30,000rpm, while the use of air bearing spindle can reach more than 60000rpm.

The classification of the engraving machine should be classified within the CNC vertical machining center

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