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Electroplating of stamping parts surface treatment process

- Apr 11, 2018 -

Electroplating of stamping parts surface treatment process

Electroplating, which is a surface treatment technique commonly used in the production of stamping parts, electroplating is the process of electroplating a thin layer of other metal or alloy on the metal surface. The purpose of electroplating is to plate the metal plating on the substrate and change it. Substrate surface properties or dimensions. Plating enhances the corrosion resistance of metals (plated metals are mostly made of corrosion-resistant metals), increases hardness, prevents abrasion, improves electrical conductivity, lubricity, heat resistance, and aesthetic appearance.

 The stamping part needs to be sprayed with a primer before plating, so that the plating effect will be very good and the anti-corrosion time will be longer. According to the different materials of plating, in practical applications, there are different effects, such as:

Gold Plating: Improves conductive contact resistance and improves signal transmission. (The gold is the most stable and the most expensive.)

Silver Plating: Improves conductive contact resistance and improves signal transmission. (Silver has the best performance, easy to oxidize, and also conducts electricity after oxidation)

 Copper Plating: Bottoming, to enhance the plating layer adhesion, and corrosion resistance. (Copper is easily oxidized. After the oxidation, the green is no longer conductive, so the copper plating product must do copper protection)

Nickel Plating: Bottoms or looks to improve corrosion resistance and wear resistance (in which chemical nickel is more resistant to chrome plating in modern processes).

Palladium-nickel plating: Improves conductive contact resistance, improves signal transmission, and has higher wear resistance than gold.

Tin-plated lead: Improves welding ability and is quickly replaced by other alternatives (because most of the lead is now plated with bright tin and matte tin).

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