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Garden Anchor Pins 6 inch X 1 inch

- Jun 28, 2018 -

It took us a while to prepare our back yard for some new Astro Turf. The first time we installed Astro Turf 10 years ago we used 6 inch long spike to hold it in place. They were a pain to remove so we searched for another option this time. My Husband found these  Landscape Fabric Staples. We sat and read all the reviews (something I always do)  The one thing that concerned us was the fact that the staples are not galvanized. We decided to get some plasti-dip and coat all the staples. It really didn't take us long. We poured the plasti-dip into a paint roller pan and used hemostats to pull  them out of the dip. We spread them out on a roll of garden wire fence that my Husband stretched out over two saw horses. It was 108 degrees that day so it dried very quickly. The staples worked out great for the Astro Turf. the tips were sharp enough to go through the Astro Turf without much effort on our part. We used some 2X4 cut offs so we had even pressure on each staple as we hammered them in. Not a single staple bent and they hold down more surface area than the spikes did. Arizona doesn't get  get much rain annually so I think we won't see much rust at all. We're very pleased with our purchase!

These are a very good grade of fabric staple; the only issue is that in very dry, hard ground they may bend like any other staple, but if you hold the tips while pounding them into the ground  it should reduce 'flaring'. In addition, use a WIDE mallet or 2x4 board and hammer over the head to drive it evenly.  If you do get a 'bender', they can be straightened easily to reuse. The metal seems to be a good grade and the tips are very sharp and I have not observed any that have popped yet, although we have not had much rain to swell the clay soils here.  Plan on using more than you might think (no more than 3 feet apart).

Garden Anchor Pins.jpg

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