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Hollow elongated shaft grinding method

- Jun 07, 2018 -

Hollow elongated shaft grinding method

Workpieces with a wall thickness of about 1/6 of the hole diameter and an aspect ratio of more than 15 are called hollow elongated shafts. The blanks of this type of workpiece are mostly thick-walled seamless steel tubes or piston rods and test bars that have been drilled through the drilled holes. Their wall thickness is not uniform, and they increase the internal stress after turning the outer circle. When coupled with the hole block grinding outer circle, the heat generated can easily lead to deformation of the workpiece and non-uniform heat conduction, often produce single-sided grinding phenomenon (abrasive grinding spark intermittently, sometimes sometimes), directly affect the roundness of the workpiece after grinding, Therefore, it becomes a big problem in grinding.

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Grinding the outer circle is necessary before grinding such workpieces. In order to facilitate the clamping, the two ends of the workpiece are first flattened and rounded in the inner hole, and then holes with C-shaped central holes are installed in the inner holes at both ends for easy loading and unloading. When grinding the outer circle, in order to prevent intermittent grinding and grinding of the workpiece after grinding and deformation and burn in the grinding, the hole at one end of the workpiece can be removed, the workpiece hole filled with water, and then the hole Plugging on. This not only eliminates the air in the hole, but also improves the heat dissipation and cooling effect, reduces the thermal deformation of the workpiece during grinding, and eliminates single-sided grinding and burns. After grinding, remove the hole and pour out the water. With the above method, dozens of hollow elongated shafts of different materials and specifications have been successfully ground in production, and satisfactory results have been obtained.

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