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How to improve the quality of machined parts

- Mar 26, 2018 -

How to improve the quality of machined parts

1, to improve the cutting level In the machining, when the workpiece in the cutting process, the surface of the workpiece will form almost the same shape and the impression of the tool and leave a lot of scales, easy to increase the roughness of the workpiece surface, reduce the surface of the workpiece quality. In general, in this case, the arc radius at the tip of the cutting tool should be appropriately increased during cutting, and the tool feed amount should be appropriately reduced so that the height of the residual area of the tool on the workpiece can be reduced as much as possible to ensure the rough surface of the workpiece. Degree of control in the appropriate range. This can effectively reduce the surface of the workpiece on the built-up edge and scaling, improve the quality of the workpiece surface, extending the life of the workpiece.

2, to improve the cutting speed In the workpiece cutting, if the cutting speed is high, the plastic deformation of the workpiece surface during the cutting process can be greatly reduced, the higher the speed of cutting, the smaller the degree of plastic deformation, can effectively reduce the workpiece Surface roughness. If the cutting speed is not enough, the workpiece will generate built-up edge during cutting, affecting the surface quality of the workpiece.

3, to improve the accuracy of machining equipment The workpiece processing is mainly through the machine to complete the error of the machine itself will directly affect the accuracy of the workpiece. This needs to ensure the accuracy of the machine itself, can effectively reduce the error generated during the process. The error of the tool and fixture will also affect the precision of machining the workpiece. Corresponding measures can be taken to reduce the wear of the tool. This can improve the accuracy of the workpiece and improve the quality of the workpiece. Product quality is the key to the success or failure of a business. Therefore, improving the quality of machined parts and improving the quality of parts is a must for every large-scale mechanical processing plant.

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