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Industrial robots

- Jun 09, 2018 -

The number of German industrial robots is the third largest in the world, behind Japan and the United States. Its research and application of intelligent robots are in the leading position in the world. At present, on the basis of popularizing the first generation of industrial robots, the second generation of industrial robots has been promoted and used as a mainstream installation model, and the third generation of intelligent robots has occupied a certain proportion and become the development direction. The world's robot suppliers are divided into Japanese and European.

ABB, Sweden, is one of the world's largest robot manufacturing companies. In 1974, the world's first fully-controlled industrial robot, IRB6, was developed. It is mainly used for workpiece pick-and-place and material handling. The first welding robot was produced in 1975. After the merger of Trallfa painting robot company in 1980, its robotic products became more complete. Industrial robots manufactured by ABB are widely used in welding, assembly casting, sealant coating, material processing, packaging, painting, and water cutting.

Germany's KUKA Roboter Gmbh is one of the world's top manufacturers of industrial robots.

In 1973, the first industrial robot of KUKA was developed. The annual output reaches about 10,000 sets. The produced robots are widely used in instruments, automobiles, aerospace, food, pharmaceuticals, medicine, foundry, plastics and other industries. They are mainly used in materials processing, machine tool equipment, packaging, stacking, welding, surface rest and other fields.

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