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Inspection revealed that the stamped parts had tearing and skewing

- May 11, 2018 -

Inspection revealed that the stamped parts had tearing and skewing, and due to the differences in press forming and production process conditions, the ratio of the fractured parts was different. According to the actual situation on the spot, the cause of the tearing and skewing of the stamped part is considered to be various by inspecting the location of the torn part of the stamping part, the fracture pattern and the degree of crushing.
It may be that the process parameters in the press forming process are unreasonably set. It is usually required that the die, the press core, and the two parts must be closely attached to each other. When the slide of the machine slides down, the sheet metal is plastically deformed to form. However, due to the inconsistency of stamping parts such as unstable quality, it is indicated that the pressure of the machine tool is uneven during the production process.


It may also be a design defect of the flanging forming die in the processing of stamping parts, resulting in a large forming stroke of the die structure condition and a small pressing area. Explain that the designer only considered the feature of small binder surface during the initial mould design, but ignored the plunger forming stroke.

 Or there is an error related to the die-worked parts and drawing design. Before the stamping parts are formed, they are positioned by the positioning pins and holes on the flat surface of the die-pressing core. This requires that the pressing cores must be stable, reliable and correct in forming the parts. The ground guide is slippery, otherwise the parts will be unstable during the forming, so that the pressing core will collide with the wall of the die to cause tensile stress. When the strength limit of the material is exceeded, the workpiece is torn, Misaligned

 If other factors are taken into account in the mold structure, and the use of a special guided guide plate is neglected, instead of using the guide surface of the processing profile, there is a defect that cannot be adjusted after the clearance is too large, resulting in the tearing and skewing of the stamped part. unpleasant sight.

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