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Leaf spring

- Apr 13, 2018 -

Leaf spring is one of the important parts that affect the safety of vehicles and is responsible for transmitting
Handed all the force and moment, it also has elastic elements, shock absorbers and guides

Features are important high load safety components. In recent years, domestic and foreign scholars have

The design of the spring was studied. Wang Qidong and others use virtual prototype theory

Based on the simulation of vehicle dynamics, the structural parameters of the automobile leaf spring were studied.

Optimized design and finite element analysis of the leaf spring;

Reliability Design of Automobile Leaf Springs, Determination of Parameters of Leaf Springs

(1) Full arc high five. Workers are used to ensure that the car has a given height. when

At five=0, the leaf spring operates in a symmetrical position. Taking into account the steel plate during use

The effect of plastic deformation of the spring, and in order to get a foot when the height of the frame is defined

The dynamic deflection value is enough, and the text selects five = 15 mm.

(2) Leaf spring length 厶. The leaf spring length 厶 is the length of the spring

The distance between the centers of the two ears. Longer leaf springs will be used in cars

Difficulties in layout. Under the conditions of general arrangement, the steel plate should be as far as possible

Spring takes longer. In the text, £=1 100 mln is the ruler that includes the border between the ear and ear.

Inch length, so Ll=825 toni.

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