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Machining accuracy

- Jun 15, 2018 -

The level of technological level and scientific and technological content of mold production has become the primary symbol of a country's level of technology and product production. It determines the quality, efficiency, and new product development strength of a product at a large level, and it will determine a national production. International competitiveness of the industry. According to the progress of the domestic and international mold market, mold experts speculated that in the future, after China's mold through the restructuring of the structure, the accuracy of the mold will be higher and higher. Molds are the basic process equipment produced by the industry. In electronics, automobiles, motors, electrical appliances, meters, home appliances, and communications products, 80% to 90% of parts and components rely on mold forming. The shape of the mold determines the appearance of these products. The processing quality and precision of the mold also determine the quality of these products.

 With the increasing economic and living standards, the number of cars has also risen. When we saw so many cars, we couldn't help but realize the huge production behind the production factories. Undoubtedly, China's mold industry has led the development of automobile industry. What is the impact of mold on automobile production? What are the requirements for automobile manufacturing operations?

The benefits of using molds are to reduce costs, save time, and increase production efficiency, so that companies can remain invincible in the fierce competition today. However, the mold is now used in automotive production, or plastic components, lights, steel shell and other accessories. The true car heart-mobility machine still adopts cutting techniques and has not adopted mold techniques.
 Unless the machine can't use the skills of the mold, the crankshaft used in the car cannot use this technique. What's the reason? We all understand that the components that use the mold-forming technique are certainly habitual, and that it itself asks to measure thinness, and it must be shaped. Like the crankshaft, the connecting rod is so thick, with the diameter of the components, to use the die stamping or difficult to measure. The most accepted one today is to use a die to create a blank for the crankshaft.

When the machining accuracy is very high, the molds are often not enough. The accuracy of today's fine and detailed molds is roughly in the range of 0.1 to 0.01 mm. This is a significant step up from the previous molds. However, these components, such as the mobilization engine, require accuracy of less than one-thousandth of millimeters, and even less. Therefore, today is not about touching the mold completely replace the cutting process.

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