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Material inspection

- May 23, 2018 -

Our daily life, metal stamping parts everywhere, in order to improve customer productivity and quality as the goal, the introduction of foreign advanced technology with the product, the quality of metal stamping parts reflected from those aspects? Analysis from the following points

1, chemical analysis, metallographic examination
Analyze the content of chemical elements in the material, determine the level and uniformity of the grain size of the material, evaluate the level of free cementite, banded structure and non-metallic inclusions in the material, and check the material for shrinkage, porosity, and other defects.

2, material inspection
The stamped parts are mainly made of hot-rolled or cold-rolled (based on cold-rolled) sheet metal strips. The stamped parts shall have quality certificates, which ensure that the materials meet the specified technical requirements. When there is no quality certificate or for other reasons, metal stamping parts manufacturers can choose raw materials for reinspection as needed.
3, forming performance test
The material is subjected to bending test and cupping test to determine the material's work hardening index n value and plastic strain ratio r value. In addition, the steel sheet forming performance test method can be performed according to the specification of the thin steel sheet forming performance and the test method.
4, hardness testing
Hardness testing of metal stampings uses Rockwell hardness tester. Small, complex-shaped stampings can be used to test flat surfaces that cannot be measured on an ordinary bench Rockwell hardness tester.

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