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Mechanical product is machined in a CNC machine

- Apr 11, 2018 -

In the case of a fixed workpiece and tool material, finishing allowance and tool angle, the surface roughness depends on the cutting speed and the feed rate. Ordinary machine tool is a constant speed, the different diameters of different cutting speeds, such as CNC lathes with constant line speed cutting function, car end surface, different diameter outer circle can use the same line speed, to ensure that the surface roughness value is small and consistent. When processing surfaces with different surface roughness, small feedrates are used for surfaces with small roughness, and large feedrates are used for surfaces with large roughness. The variability is very good, which is difficult to achieve on ordinary machine tools.

The combination process is intact. We all know that products made of metal stampings are all integrated. For example, mobile phone shells are all made of injection molds and integrated. However, they also need to be combined, for example, other components may be added, or there may be other forms of docking, etc. For this kind of combination, we must ensure that the combination is in good condition to ensure there are no loopholes in the process and ensure that the mold is produced from the product. Still integrated.
 When a mechanical product is machined in a CNC machine, the entire process of converting raw materials into finished products is called the production process. For machine production, it includes the transportation and preservation of raw materials, production preparation, manufacturing of blanks, parts processing and heat treatment, assembly and debugging of products, painting and packaging.
Stamping parts processing technology is based on the process, change the shape, size, relative position and nature of the production object, so that it becomes a finished or semi-finished product, is a detailed description of each step, each process, for example, said above Roughing may include rough manufacturing, grinding, etc. Finishing may be divided into cars, fitters, milling machines, etc. Detailed data is required for each step, such as how much rough degree is to be achieved and how much tolerance should be achieved.

Traditional metal stamping parts have relatively low processing costs, but their working procedures are relatively long and their requirements for skilled workers are relatively high. Therefore, the main direction of their cost is the wages of the workers and the normal operating costs of the enterprises; and modern CNC lathe processing Machining parts have high processing precision and short working hours. The main cost is program editing and equipment costs.

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