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Metal stamping parts processing technology

- Mar 24, 2018 -

Metal stamping parts processing technology

1. When the requirements for the section quality and dimensional accuracy of the metal stamping parts are high, it may be considered that after the stamping process, the dressing process may be added or the precision blanking process may be directly used.

2. The number of steps in the bending part depends mainly on the complexity of its structural shape, depending on the number of bending angles, the relative position and the bending direction. When the bending radius of the bending member is less than the allowable value, a shaping operation is added after the bending.

3. The number of process steps of a drawing piece is related to the material properties, the drawing height, the number of drawing steps, the drawing diameter, and the thickness of the material, and must be determined by the calculation of the drawing process. When the drawing piece has a small radius or a high dimensional accuracy, an additional shaping step is required after stretching.

4. In order to improve the stability of the stamping process, it is sometimes necessary to increase the number of processes to ensure the quality of the stamped parts. Additional positioning processes such as bending of the bent part, punching, increased deformation in the forming process, relief of hole punching to transfer the deformation zone, and the like.

5. Punching metal stamping parts with a simple shape, using a single process mold to complete. Punching complex workpieces, due to the mold structure or strength is limited, its internal and external contours should be divided into several parts, need to use multiple stamping processes. When necessary, continuous mode can be used. For metal stampings with high flatness requirements, a leveling process may be added after the stamping process.

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