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Method for single adjustment of compression spring machine

- Aug 08, 2018 -

Method for single adjustment of compression spring machine

The pressure spring machine often adjusts the equipment when it is used, so we can make individual adjustments in each mechanism in terms of adjustment. The adjustments have the following points:

Pressure spring machine
1. Adjustment of the external force of the compression spring machine:
For this adjustment, it is mainly to adjust the mechanism of the outer warp. When the cylindrical spring is rolled, the upper and lower points of the ejector rod are fixed, and we only need to adjust the ejector rod to go inside or outside, so there is no need for a device. The reduction cam is carried out, so the machine is relatively simple in terms of adjustment.

2. Adjustment of feed length and total number of turns of the compression spring machine:
The length of the feed is determined by the number of teeth of the selected gear. For the compression springs that feed the number of incomplete gears, the control of the number of their gears requires the unfolding length of the spring.

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