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Post-treatment process of stainless steel spring

- Mar 31, 2018 -

Post-treatment process of stainless steel spring

1, the stainless steel spring is immersed in a plastic container which is diluted with a clean water and the metal cleaning agent A (the ratio of the cleaning agent A and the clear water is 1:1 or 1:2), and the spring surface is free from oil and oxide and has no scale recovery. Metal color is appropriate, soaking time should not be too long, remove and wash with water. This will have a matt effect on the surface of the stainless steel spring.

2, stainless steel spring in ultrasonic equipment, cleaning agent and clean water ratio of 1:30 or so, the time to the surface of the spring without oil, no oxide scale restore the metal color is appropriate, remove the water wash, so that the stainless steel spring surface can be achieved Matt effect. The above two methods can be applied to high precision springs.

The brightener B is placed in a vibratory polisher or hexagonal drum with coarse abrasives (the ratio of the volume of the spring to the abrasive is 1:3, and the amount of the brightener B is about 1% to about 2% of the weight of the spring. The longer the light, the brighter. After polishing, remove it and wash it with water to dry it. The surface of the stainless steel spring, such as nickel plating, is bright and shining and will never fade.

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