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Precision molds will become the focus of China's development

- Jul 03, 2018 -

Precision molds will become the focus of China's development

The pace of structural adjustment of the mold industry is accelerating, mainly as the development speed of large, precise, complex, long-life molds and mold standard parts is higher than the overall development speed of the industry; the proportion of plastic molds and die-casting molds is increasing; the number of professional mold manufacturers facing the market and The ability to increase faster. The future development direction of China Automotive Mould Co., Ltd. should focus on the adjustment and positioning of product structure, further improve the manufacturing technology level of molds, and occupy the high-end mold market with complex structure, high precision and high technical content.

According to the market research center, with the continuous deepening of the reform and opening up policy, the attention and support of the relevant state departments to the mold industry, and the promotion and promotion of social organizations such as the mold industry association, the mold industry in Zhejiang has been developed more rapidly. The size of the mold market is among the best in the country.

During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the overall trend of the mold market was steady. At present, the demand for medium and high-grade molds in the domestic market is very large, but domestic molds must meet the needs of users in terms of quality and delivery time. Moreover, the home appliance, automobile, and plastic products industries have the greatest demand for molds. International market: In recent years, labor costs in industrialized countries have increased, and they are moving to developing countries, especially Southeast Asian countries. Its domestic production of high-quality, precision molds, the amount of labor input is large, relying on imports to solve. Therefore, the potential of the medium and low-end molds in the international market is enormous. As long as the quality of domestic molds can be improved, the delivery time can be guaranteed, and the prospect of mold export is very optimistic. In addition, the demand for frame and mold standard parts in the international market is also large. At present, China has only a small amount of exports to the shelves.

Although China's total mold production has ranked third in the world, there are some enterprise manufacturers with better overall level in the industry. However, the current domestic mold industry is characterized by uneven manufacturing process conditions and wide gaps. A considerable number of private enterprises or self-employed individuals are limited by factors such as capital, site, technology and information exchange. Some manufacturers rely on traditional equipment and manual manufacturing, and can only produce some medium and low-grade molds. It is difficult to introduce advanced systems. Mold technology and advanced molding equipment. This has caused increased competition in the middle and low-end mold market. Some mold companies are willing to reduce the price of each other in order to survive, and the low price will inevitably affect the quality of the products. As a result, the users are pitted, they have misunderstood their peers, and they have also harmed themselves.

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