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Production and processing

- Jun 05, 2018 -

Drawings and requirements are clear

Because most of the mechanical parts are processed by non-standard custom parts, they are generally processed according to mechanical drawings or samples. In order to ensure the quality of the processed parts, the manufacturer of the external parts must be informed The clear requirements, product features, features and other requirements are described. And on the drawings, each dimension is marked in detail, and information such as feedback needs is communicated in a timely manner. It is convenient for manufacturers to timely evaluate the difficulty of processing and the process flow, because generally before the trial production, the manufacturers undertaking the external processing of mechanical parts need to organize the technical, quality control, production and other departments to conduct the quality review meeting. In order to provide timely quotes.
Production and processing

The processing and production of a precision mechanical part, and ultimately the mechanical equipment, is a hard condition. If the factory has advanced CNC machine tool processing equipment and testing equipment, it must be in the process of production and processing, and be equipped with efficient production process management, design, and technology. The quality department arranged special personnel to follow on the spot and timely solved the problems arising during the trial production. Therefore, whether it is the end-customer who processes the machine parts and the cooperating counterparts of the machine parts, they will visit the factory themselves before cooperating with them. Even when they establish contact, they will ask for a list of equipment.

Although the quality department of the manufacturer undertaking the external processing of the mechanical parts strictly inspects the quality of the trial production products according to the standard, in order to avoid quality problems in the later period, it is better to perform quality inspections. If problems are found, contact the manufacturer in time. Perform maintenance or redo of mechanical parts.

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