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Why is it best to ride with a spring cushion?

- Apr 09, 2018 -

Why is it best to ride a spring cushion?

Long-distance riding, it is best to choose spring cushions. Because cycling trousers and silicone pads can adhere to 8 hours of riding, spring cushions can be adhered to more than 12 hours. In this way, for people, the force received is dispersed several times, and naturally it is not so tired and painful.

Long rides, riders may be the most affected ass, a good cushion and cycling pants must be prepared. The following is not for the short-distance type and bad road ride to discuss, but for long-distance road riding analysis.
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The current seat cushion is roughly divided into 2 types of silicone sleeves and spring cushions, and the cross-country and speed races do not use spring cushions because they require firmness and stability. For long-distance cycling, it is best to choose spring cushions. Bicycle spring car cushion spring buffer distance is much larger than the silicone pad. The silicone pad feels soft, but in fact it has a short cushioning distance. For example, if you sit on a silicone sleeve, the silicone immediately compresses 1cm, but you can only compress about half a centimeter when you bump into a ride. The spring can be compressed a few more centimeters. In this way, for people, the force received is dispersed several times, and naturally it is not so tired and painful.

The surface of the spring pad should be made of hard material to ensure ventilation. Although the thumb does not press up, it is absolutely comfortable to sit on. Not being soft doesn't mean it's uncomfortable. The plastic seat in the bus is hard. It's okay to sit for a day, because the car has a cushion spring. It is hoped that the friends of the majority of riders on the long-distance highway may consider using it, which is not only good for the body but also increases the riding time. Cycling pants and silicone pads can last for more than 12 hours if they can insist on cycling for 8 hours.

The only bad thing about a spring riding cushion is that it's not beautiful, it's not cool, it's not cool, it looks like it's not fair, it's not cheap, it's a bargain, etc. In fact, it's all visually weird. If you want beauty again, you can choose metal strip springs if you want to be healthy. It can also effectively deal with bumps.

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