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Rubber aging

- May 17, 2018 -

Rubber aging

According to the environmental conditions of the rubber products, the phenomenon of cracking or hardening and degradation of rubber properties over time is called aging phenomenon. Causes of aging, external factors and internal factors:

1. External factors: external factors such as oxygen, oxides, ozone, heat, light, radiation, mechanical fatigue, and lack of processing.

2. Internal factors: The internal factors include the type of rubber, the molding method, the degree of bonding, the type of the drug, and the factors in the process.

The prevention of aging is focused on the right choice of plastics and formula design, coupled with rigorous production concepts. This will increase the lifespan of the finished rubber product and give it special functions it deserves.

The most common problem with rubber is aging. The company uses imported raw materials and non-toxic, non-polluting additives. Strong technical force and strict process, so that products reach the various needs of customers, welcome new and old customers to plans to build sample.

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