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Special-shaped springs

- Mar 28, 2018 -

The production of special-shaped springs requires some in-house designers to conduct intense discussions and combine various solutions to achieve successful design. For example, a special-shaped spring used in rowing exercise machines for home use is only applicable to the damping of products. The end-hinged, non-contact flat scroll spring acts as its primary resistance to achieve the desired effect.

Special-shaped springs are mainly complex spatial angles and irregular bending. Plane scroll spring is a type of special-shaped spring. Plane scroll spring is a kind of flat helical spring which is made of elongate materials with equal section. Flat spiral spring is simpler to make and its rigidity is smaller. Generally it is static. Work under load. Since the number of winding turns can be large and the deformation angle is large, more energy can be stored in a smaller volume. Its material section shape can be rectangular (steel strip) or round (steel wire). Special-shaped springs The midplane spiral springs are divided into two types based on whether or not the adjacent rings are in contact: non-contact type and contact type.

Plane scroll spring production Plane scroll springs must first be designed specifically for the Archimedes spiral mold; Second, consider the winding process used and heat treatment process. Before winding, the purchased rectangular steel strips are annealed, and the hand-wound winding method, the lathe winding method, and the special tool winding method can be used when winding. After the flat spiral spring is made, it cannot be taken out immediately. The spring-surrounding die should be sent to the heating furnace for heating. When the temperature rises to the quenching temperature, the die and the spring assembly are taken out and put into a suitable oil for quenching. Then, the assembly is heated to the tempering temperature and held for a period of time before being removed. Plane scroll spring coils should be evenly distributed in each circle, and there should be no unevenness. The surface should be smooth, and the sides should be chamfered or arced. Plane scroll spring surface should be oxidized or other anti-corrosion treatment.

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