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Special Spring

- Mar 28, 2018 -

The manufacturing process of the high-temperature spring industry has also gradually improved and matured. With the development of power, metallurgy, petrochemical, transportation and industry, the technical requirements and demands are increasing day by day, including strict requirements on the temperature resistance of materials, and they are made of high-grade special materials. The high-temperature springs can still have a good elastic spring in a high-temperature environment.

The heat treatment temperature of the spring is divided into several cases?

The general situation is based on our high-temperature spring materials, use scenarios, technical requirements, performance to divide the three situations:

1. Cold-wound springs (generally made of small-diameter steel wire): As the cold-wrapped spring wire has been heat-treated, it undergoes stress relief annealing.

2. Hot-wound springs (generally larger than 8 mm diameter wire): Since it is a hot-wound spring, it is quenched and tempered at medium temperature.

3, high temperature spring: Analysis of special spring manufacturers, used in springs under high temperature environment, tempering temperature after quenching according to the working conditions, tempering temperature must be greater than the spring working temperature.

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