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Special spring features

- Mar 28, 2018 -

Special spring features

Special-shaped spring is a general term for springs with different shapes, different functions, and special applications. In recent years, the development and demand of industry have become more and more demanding for various types of springs (special-shaped springs), and the degree of complexity has become increasingly larger. The application of computerized spring machines (digitally-controlled spring machines) in this area has been a tremendous contribution. The precision of the spring products made is high and the production efficiency is fast. What is more important is the continuous development of the entire spring industry. Special-shaped springs are classified into different types and nomenclatures because they are applied to different special occasions, have different characteristics and different shapes.

The following are the special springs that are used in small numbers. The types and functions of Xiaobian have accumulated some experience in the work and share with you:

1. Reducing helical springs for special springs. Reducing diameter spiral springs are mainly used in some special occasions. The springs are generally circular cross-section materials, and most of them bear compressive loads.

2. Springs of special springs. Sheet springs are also called sheet springs. The material of the springs is mostly made of spring strips (or sheets). The process is performed on special equipment or general-purpose pressure processing machines using corresponding molds. Since the material thickness of the leaf spring, the wave spring, and the light spring is thin, such a spring is widely used in the industry.

3, rectangular spring shaped spring. Rectangular springs are abbreviated as rectangular springs. They are springs that use rectangular cross-section materials when the installation space is limited. Because this rectangular spring can obtain a larger load bearing capacity in the same space and deformation. Compared to a spring with a circular cross-section material, a rectangular spring has a large cross-sectional area of the rectangular spring under the same space condition, and therefore can absorb a large amount of energy, and is mostly used for a heavy machine, a punching die, or a particularly rigid spring.

4, shaped spring disc spring. Because of their small size and light weight, the disc springs are widely used in applications such as cushioning, vibration isolation, and the like. They are also commonly used in stamping dies, valve clutches, and large construction machinery.

5. The convex spiral compression spring among the special springs. Since these springs have smaller coils at both ends and can be embedded in the middle coils, a larger amount of deformation can be obtained. For example, in the convex car brake spring, this spring is always in a tight state, when you open the car valve, the spring will return to deformation, and drive the brake to brake the car. Another example is the haircut that hairdressers use in their haircuts. The principle is the same as this, and they are all able to obtain a large amount of deformation in an effective space.

6, special spring spiral spiral spring. Spiral coil spring is also called scroll spring. Its function and principle are similar to that of the conical spiral spring. It can absorb the pressure and can generate a large amount of energy. However, it is difficult to manufacture because it is difficult to manufacture. It is only used in special circumstances where space is limited. 7. Special-shaped spring plate springs. Plate springs are generally formed by the superposition of single or multi-piece spring steel plates and have the characteristics of cushioning and vibration reduction. The plate springs have strong cushioning and vibration damping properties, and are used in the suspension devices of automobiles, tractors or railway vehicles on a daily basis.

8, irregular spring coil springs. Unequal pitch coil springs can satisfy both the small stiffness when the amount of deformation of the spring is small and the high stiffness required when the amount of deformation is large. Such springs are mainly used in the suspension springs and high speeds of motorcycles and small passenger cars. Engine valve springs.

9. Special-shaped Spring Torsion Bar Spring. The essence of the torsion bar spring is to use a straight bar made of elastic material under the action of torque. Because this spring has the characteristics of large deformation energy per unit volume, it is mainly used in the suspension devices of various vehicles in daily life.

10, the special spring of the annular spring. An annular spring, also called a ring spring, is formed by an outer ring with an inner tapered surface and an inner ring with an outer tapered surface. Among them, the number of pairs of the inner and outer rings of the ring spring is determined according to the magnitude of the load and the deformation requirements. Due to the high damping performance of this type of ring spring, it is mainly used in springs in heavy equipment and buffer devices.

11, special spring spring line. Wire springs are various types of springs that are manufactured according to different uses from wire rods with springs, and are usually made of cold drawn spring wire. Because the cross section of the wire spring is often round, its load has no directionality, and it has the same flexural rigidity in all directions. Therefore, the wire spring is used for small loads and has no strict requirements on the load characteristics. occasion

12. The serpentine spring of special spring. The serpentine spring, also known as the serpentine spring, is mainly named because its shape is meandering like a snake. According to its shape, it can be divided into "Z" shape and "S" shape spring. This type of spring is widely used in automotive seat cushions and is called a seat spring.

Special-shaped springs have been widely used in daily life and their functions are irreplaceable, but their contributions are due to the development of computerized spring machines. At present, the development of the computer spring machine (CNC spring machine) technology can produce springs required by various industries, with higher accuracy, high production efficiency, easy commissioning, and simple operation. Used by processing manufacturers

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