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Spring compression function

- Mar 28, 2018 -

High temperature spring compression function

The high-temperature spring compression function refers to the compression of the spring. It has different characteristics in various situations. For example, we all know that many home appliances use high-temperature springs, especially on electrical switches, and it is common to use them. In the two contacts of the switch there will be a spring device, the main role is to ensure close contact between the two sides, good conductivity. Of course, our high-temperature springs do not have a tight pressing function, so bad contact on the switch contacts will increase the resistance, and the heat generated when the current passes through will increase. In severe cases, the metal at the contacts will melt.

Where can we apply the pressing function of our high-temperature springs?

1, in the use of electric lights, a bayonet lamp head is also the use of high temperature spring compaction effect to maintain good contact between the two metal columns. As for the central metal sheet of the screw base and the plug metal sheet of all the sockets, it is a reed. Its function is to keep the two parties in close contact to maintain the same.

2. There is a long spring in the stapler. Its role is to tighten the staples on the one hand, and on the other hand, when the frontmost nail is pushed out, the back nail can be sent to the forefront to prepare the nail for comfortable launch. In this way, one nail can be automatically pushed to the front until the nails are all pushed out.

3. When the tape contains a phosphor bronze reed, the elastic force generated by the bending deformation makes the head and the tape in close contact.

4, the machine automatically feeds, like clips clothes clips, ballpoint pens, clips on the pen cover all use spring compression function clipped to the clothes

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