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Spring Introduction

- Apr 03, 2018 -

●Basic introduction of progressive spring

Usually the original model uses a progressive spring. The spring adopts a design that is inconsistent with the thickness and density. The advantage is that when the pressure is not high, the undulation of the road surface can be absorbed by the lower elasticity coefficient to ensure comfortable ride. After the pressure is increased to a certain extent, the thicker part of the spring plays a role in supporting the vehicle body. The disadvantage of this spring is that the handling experience is not direct and the accuracy is poor.

●Basic introduction of short spring

Short springs are shorter than original springs, and they are more robust and short springs are installed, which can effectively reduce the center of gravity of the car body, reduce the roll caused by cornering, make the cornering more stable and smooth, and improve the controllability of cornering of vehicles. The damper setting of the original shock absorber is biased towards comfort, so the short spring and the original shock absorber are not very stable in cooperation. It cannot effectively suppress the rebound and compression of the short spring, and when it is bumpy on the road, it will There is an unpleasant feeling of jumping, and in the long run, the lifespan of shock absorbers will be greatly reduced, and oil leakage may occur. Of course, these conditions are relatively speaking, the daily driving will not have such a serious damage, but also try not to drastic driving, after all, the original shock absorbers can not withstand the high load pressure.

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