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spring packaging

- Apr 02, 2018 -

What are the requirements for spring packaging?

First, the tray

For a small, full weight product. A tray is necessary and necessary.

Second, wooden box

For air transport products or small, slightly quantity products. The wooden box can perfectly protect the spring product. Of course, the wooden box is very important when it comes to special-shaped springs that are difficult to transport.

Third, the carton

The carton can meet springs that are not very prominent in weight and volume. This packaging method is simple and fast. Most of this is in this form.

In packaging, try to use a tray as a base, carton as a carrier this way. After the carton is properly placed, remember to use a strapping machine to pack and secure the carton on the tray. Finally, cover the entire tray body with a film to seal it, block the sea air, and prevent the springs from being corroded.

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