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Springs are widely used as elastic components in automobiles

- Mar 17, 2018 -

The main functions of the spring are: 1. Control the movement of the machine, such as the clutch; 2. Absorb the vibration and impact energy, such as the buffer of the car, the train compartment, and the vibration absorption in the coupling.

Springs are widely used as elastic components in automobiles, and the rigidity requirements are very strict. Therefore, before the trial production of the product, how to calculate its actual stiffness more accurately has become the most concerned issue. After the metal spring is made, it must be subjected to strong pressure or shot peening, which can increase the carrying capacity of the metal spring. The hardware spring is a kind of elastic component widely used in the mechanical and electronic industries. The metal spring can generate large elastic deformation when loaded, converting mechanical work or kinetic energy into deformation energy, and the deformation of the metal spring disappears and recovers after unloading. In the original state, the deformation energy is converted into mechanical work or kinetic energy. Finite element method is gradually applied to the design of leaf spring because of its advantages of high accuracy, good convergence, and easy use.


There are nonlinear and hysteresis characteristics in automotive leaf springs. When using the finite element method for analysis, large deformations and contacts need to be considered. That is, both geometric nonlinearity and state nonlinearity need to be considered at the same time, which will make the calculation not easy to converge, and therefore require higher solving skills and analysis strategies.


Spring stiffness, the greater the stiffness, the harder the hardware spring. For the sake of riding comfort, we hope that the spring can perform softly for high frequency and small amplitude ground impacts, and when the impact force is large, it can exhibit greater rigidity and reduce the impact stroke. Therefore, it is necessary to Springs have two or even more than two types of stiffness at the same time. Springs with unequal wire diameters or springs with unequal pitches can be used, and their stiffness increases with increasing load.

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