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Stainless steel spring cleaning

- Apr 08, 2018 -

Stainless steel spring cleaning

General precautions for stainless steel springs When washing, be careful not to scratch the surface. Avoid the use of bleaching components and abrasive-containing cleaning fluids, steel balls, abrasive tools, etc. To remove the washing liquid, rinse the surface with clean water after washing.

Surface condition and washing method

Dust and easy-to-scale - wash with soap or warm water

Labels and Films - Wipe with warm water, weak detergent

Binder composition - use alcohol or organic solution

Contamination of fats, oils, and lubricants - After washing with a mild cloth or paper, wash with a neutral detergent or ammonia solution or special detergent

Bleach and adhesion of acids - Immediately rinse with water, Soak with ammonia or neutral carbonated soda solution, Wash with neutral detergent or warm water

Organic carbides attached - soaked in hot neutral detergent or ammonia solution and then washed with weakly ground detergent;
Too much rainbow pattern - caused by detergent or oil, using warm water detergent when washing

Welding heat discoloration - easy to wash with 10% nitric acid hydrofluoric acid and then neutralize with ammonia soda solution and then wash with water - specializes in washing drugs

Rust caused by surface contaminants - use nitric acid 10% or abrasive detergent wash - use specialized detergents.

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