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Stamping dies

- May 11, 2018 -

Stamping dies are indispensable for the forming of stamping parts, and most stamping dies are surface-finished before they are used, thereby improving the quality of stamping parts. However, in terms of the surface processing method of the stamping die, not only the processing efficiency is high, but also the processing quality is good. In addition to the cavity with an acute angle and the extremely narrow and deep cavity, other aspects can be competent.

If the material is relatively soft, then the blanking gap needs to be modified. The specific method is to create an arc or slope on the end face of the punch blade, and use an air blowing device such as a vacuum cleaner to blow air at the blanking hole of the pad. The knife edge of the stamping die wears and the stamped parts have burrs, so the knife edge needs to be repaired.

Punching is a pressure processing method that uses a press die mounted on a press to apply pressure on a material at room temperature to cause separation or plastic deformation, thereby obtaining a desired part. The materials used to make stamping dies include steel, carbide, steel cemented carbide, zinc-based alloys, low-melting-point alloys, aluminum bronzes, and polymer materials.

Stamping parts have high processing efficiency, easy operation and easy realization of mechanization and automation. This is because stamping is based on punching and stamping equipment to complete processing. The number of strokes of ordinary presses can reach several tens of times per minute. Up to several hundred times or even more than a thousand times per minute, and each stamping stroke may get a stamping.


Not only that, stamping can process parts with a wide range of sizes and shapes, such as stopwatches that are as small as clocks, as well as automotive stringers, covers, etc., plus the cold deformation hardening effect of materials during stamping, the strength of stamping and The stiffness is high.

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