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Stamping industry

- May 11, 2018 -

Stamping industry

The stamping industry is an industry that involves a very wide range of industries. It penetrates into all aspects of the manufacturing industry. Stamping is called forming in foreign countries. This is also what we call it in our country. What is China's stamping industry? How does it go abroad? How do we go? This is a matter that we all care about.

The vigorous development of stamping should be attributed to the development of daily necessities for automobiles, aircraft and household appliances.
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Since many stamping plants are owned by OEMs, the stampings market is very imperfect and sound. However, the small stamping parts market is very mature in some areas in the south. Judging from the current situation, China's stamping parts market has the following problems:

(1) Some production capacities are in excess of demand. Some of the press factories in the main plant are not allowed to hold them. Most of the year, production tasks are insufficient and there is no market behavior.

(2) The market for household electrical appliances and electrical stamping parts is fiercely competitive. However, there are not many companies that have become internationally competitive in the climate. (3) No serious study of the stampings market was conducted. The stamping market is chaotic. In the above market conditions, technological development is limited, and the entire industry is also lagging behind:

(1) The overall level is low. Many industries have excess production capacity and lack high-grade technologies. Slow technological progress.

(2) The level of material technology, mold technology, lubrication technology, and equipment are all at a relatively low level, far from meeting the needs of domestic production and development.

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