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The air-conditioning bracket

- May 25, 2018 -

The air-conditioning bracket plays a supporting role. The installation of the air-conditioning bracket is closely related to safety issues. If it is improperly installed, the problem of loose screws is likely to occur, posing a threat to pedestrians. Air-conditioning bracket manufacturers explain the installation instructions below.
Professional air-conditioning bracket manufacturers

The premise of installation is to choose good quality air-conditioning brackets. Many products on the market today are difficult to distinguish. Some air-conditioning brackets do not have any difference on the surface. At this time, we are best to buy a regular air-conditioning bracket manufacturers, quality assurance, not easy to rust and corrosion.

In the installation, the choice of concrete or solid bricks and other wall surfaces with high strength can meet the requirements of the ventilation of air conditioning exhausters. When installing on wooden or non-metallic walls, air-conditioning bracket manufacturers should take reinforcement and shock absorption measures. On the wall, reinforce the expansion screws and add loosening washers on the bolts.

There is a professional air-conditioning bracket manufacturers will carry out the test of bearing capacity when installed, many air-conditioning support loose because it is related to carrying capacity or rust caused by heavy.

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