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the short spring and the original shock absorber

- May 21, 2018 -

●Basic introduction of linear spring

The thickness and density of the linear spring from the top to the bottom are constant, and the elastic coefficient is a fixed value. This design of the spring can make the vehicle obtain a more stable and linear dynamic response, which is conducive to the driver to better control the vehicle, and is mostly used for performance-oriented modified vehicles and competitive vehicles. The disadvantage is of course that the comfort is affected.

In addition, some racing cars and modified cars will add a small, softer, small auxiliary spring on a hard linear spring. This combined spring will not only increase the comfort but also reduce the rebound force when the main spring is compressed and rebounded. To prevent the main spring from disengaging from the spring seat.

●Basic introduction of short spring

Short springs are shorter than original springs, and they are more robust and short springs are installed, which can effectively reduce the center of gravity of the car body, reduce the roll caused by cornering, make the cornering more stable and smooth, and improve the handling of corners of vehicles. The damper setting of the original shock absorber is biased towards comfort, so the short spring and the original shock absorber are not very stable in cooperation. It cannot effectively suppress the rebound and compression of the short spring, and when it is bumpy on the road, it will There is an unpleasant feeling of jumping, and in the long run, the lifespan of shock absorbers will be greatly reduced, and there may be oil leakage. Of course, these conditions are relatively speaking, the daily driving will not be such a serious damage, but also try not to drastic driving, after all, the original shock absorbers can not withstand the high load pressure.

Replacing short springs is the most cost-effective modification option for lowering the height of the vehicle. It is a good choice for those bikers who don't have a lot of budget. Of course, the price of a minute, short springs have very limited improvement in handling performance, and there are still many drawbacks. , so be sure to clear their own purpose at the time of purchase, or to the time when the installation of less than expected results, causing unnecessary waste to sadness.

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