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The spring machinery

- May 02, 2018 -

As an important component in industrial systems, springs are used in almost all areas of the national economy. And there are so many kinds of springs that the original production of the springs is also hand-made and gradually automated. In our country ninety years ago, the spring industry had only a few mechanical devices that specialized in the production of springs. With the growing market for springs, gradually professional spring equipment companies have entered China. At present, domestic small-scale manufacturers are characterized by high quality and low price. With the continuous improvement of China’s R&D and manufacturing capabilities, China gradually imports computer springs and exports, demonstrating the development of our spring machine business.

The spring machinery is generally composed of a host, a control system, a motor power unit, an auxiliary device, and an accessory device. The key is the control system, which was developed from the previous mechanically controlled mechanical development to the mechanical and electrical integration of digital computer spring machinery. The control system is mainly composed of a bus, a CPU, a power supply, a memory, an operation panel and a display screen, a position control unit, a logic controller of a programmable logic controller, and a data input/output interface. The main machine also changed from the previous rough, black, heavy castings to alloy steel machine panels, which improved the strength and rigidity of the machine. The fully automatic closed gear transmission and lubrication made the springs more precise and efficient.
Spring machine It includes machine body, operation panel, feed mechanism, tool holder (manipulator), hydraulic and other mechanical components. He is a mechanical part used to complete various spring wire processing.

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