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Torsion Spring Definition

- Aug 02, 2018 -

Seat Spring

The torsion spring is a mechanical accumulator structure used mainly for ancient mortars and other scorpions. The torsion spring is used to accumulate the twist or rotation of the elastic material with soft material and high toughness, so that the object to be launched has a certain mechanical energy.

The modern torsion spring torsion bar is made of steel with excellent elasticity and has a great change in form. There are spring hair in the mechanical watch, power spring in the toy gyro gun, and torque rod in the tank and the car.

The torsion bar is small in size and has a large torque. It is no better as a shock absorber for transportation.

The torsion spring is the extreme of the variable spring, from the single torsion spring to the double torsion spring shaped torsion spring, and even the deformation of various torsion bars, according to the design.

The torsion spring is a complex design principle in all spring categories, and the type changes are quite lively, so the theory involved in design is also the most cumbersome. Therefore, design is also difficult to master.

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