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What are the processes for the configuration of raw rubber parts?

- May 17, 2018 -

What are the processes for the configuration of raw rubber parts? Many people ask how rubber molding is? The aging phenomenon of rubber is also a question that many customers will ask. Next, let's talk about these three issues.

The preparation of rubber raw materials can be divided into three basic processes:

1. Plastic smelting: Plastic sculpting is to cut the raw rubber and plasticize and homogenize the raw rubber to help the mixing agent's kneading operation. The effect is to improve the dispersion of medicines, prevent the generation of frictional heat during operation, and cause scorch of rubber, which in turn changes the processability of the rubber.

2. Mixing: Mixing is blending the drug into the raw rubber that is plasticized, and the quality of mixing directly affects the quality of the product. Uneven dispersion of the drug, molecular structure can not be fully crosslinked, rubber can not achieve the desired physical properties.

3. Extrusion: Raw rubber that has been kneaded is pressed out to press out the excess air contained in the rubber and complete the required thickness to facilitate molding operations in the mold.

Rubber molding:

The raw rubber molecular structure is an unsaturated long bond elastomer. Therefore, in the molding requirements, appropriate drug additives and external environmental factors (such as time, temperature, pressure, etc.) must be used to destroy the unsaturated bond, and then Combine it with a saturated bond and vacuum assist to push the contained air completely out. In this way, the molded rubber can be used to achieve its desired characteristics. If there is any lack of molding process (such as wrong formulation, lack of time, improper temperature, etc.), physical properties may be lost, excessive drug release, deformation, accelerated aging, and various serious adverse phenomena.

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