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What is the working principle of the spring

- May 09, 2018 -

What is the working principle of the spring

Since there are too many things that we do not understand in this part, I try to use the simplest words to express the core of the principle. The winding springs used in common suspension systems nowadays are coiled springs, which are the most common, due to their ease of manufacture, high performance and low cost. In the traditional winding spring and shock-absorbing cylinder-type suspension design, the clockwork spring plays a role in supporting the body and absorbing uneven road surface and other exertion forces on the tire. These include acceleration, deceleration, braking, turning, etc. Spring force. More importantly, it is necessary to maintain the tire's continuous contact with the road during the vibration elimination process to maintain the tracking of the car. How to improve continuous contact is the primary consideration for revising the school tune.
SPRING IN CARS.jpgThe spring of the winding spring itself will also have soft and hard points depending on the material it is made of. If you use a spring that is too hard when refitting, the vehicle will spring up when you encounter an uneven road surface. The friction between the tire and the ground will be lost. If you use a spring that is too soft, it can be easily wound. The stroke of the shock absorber is used up, and it is easy to lose trackability when cornering. So the choice of winding spring depends on the use of the road surface: the more flat the road you can use the harder winding spring, and the more bumpy road you have to use the softer but long stroke spring. There is another type called "progressive spring spring, which can increase the elastic coefficient with the spring of the mainspring, but it is not common because it is rather difficult to manufacture, and it is not said here.

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