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Wire form material

- Mar 27, 2018 -

First,the music wire

The use of steel wire rods for toughening treatment, strong drawing process, giving outstanding dimensional accuracy, outstanding skin appearance, high mechanical properties, toughening is the continuous heating of high carbon steel wire above the abnormal temperature of about 500 °C melting lead and other cooling, made rich processing arrangements; for heavy load characteristics of the spring, fatigue resistance. The tensile strength varies with the diameter of the wire, and the irregular spring wire has a fine diameter and generally has a high tensile strength.

Second, hard steel wire

After the carbon steel wire is toughened with hard steel wire, it is processed by cold wire drawing. The data and processing are not as strict as the steel wire, and the quality is sometimes no less than that of the steel wire. However, the unevenness is generally greater than The piano steel wire is widely used for special-shaped springs with a small number of repetitions and special-shaped springs with no impact load.

Third, stainless steel wire

The stainless steel wire has a soft wire and a hard wire, and the special spring wire is a hard wire wire. This is a stainless steel wire wire made of fire, pickling, and strong cold wire. It has excellent corrosion resistance, but it is also good for heat resistance. Non-magnetic occasions, in order to expand the tensile strength and increase the carbon content, drawing process, so the tensile strength is too high may be stress corrosion, easy to magnetic; Stainless steel is generally used in special springs: SUS302, SUS304 SUS316.

Four, copper alloy bomb data

The shaped spring has excellent electrical conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance, but has a low heat resistance coefficient and low heat resistance.

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