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Wire Form Springs

- Mar 27, 2018 -

Wire Form Springs

What are the defects of a special spring?
Due to the process content except flanges, the curved surface is narrow, and in addition, the workpieces are particularly cluttered, and the shapes are also formed. Therefore, the requirements for forming the mold core and the forming surface are in agreement with each other. Small area. The designer will take into account the characteristics of the special-shaped spring, but it ignores the forming stroke of the plunger, but there are often some disadvantages:

1. Press core is made of castings for complicated surface and then machined on the guide surface. There is a gap error after forming the sliding surface of the processing surface and the die guide surface. During the normal operation of the mold, the pressure core left/right is displayed. swing.

2. The guide length of the core is 125 mm, and the length of the practice guide is 100 mm. Although within the scope of the plan, there are some 110 mm, the movement exceeds the useful guide length of 9 mm, and the core is held unstable. The deficiencies in the positioning of parts.

3、Special shaped springs up to 100mm forming height, need to plan special guide slides, can not rely on the gap between the processing surface and the side wall of the concave mold guide, side slope caused by friction increases, self-lubricating effect is very poor, powerful lateral If the force is not effectively eliminated, mass production will lead to increased guide voids due to prolonged wear and premature loss of the normal guiding function of the mold, resulting in a malignant quality accident.

Second, the development prospect of special-shaped spring

We know that daily travel in our lives is inseparable from transportation, but do you know how many parts a car has? Where is the spring? There are at least a thousand car parts. One of the main parts is the spring. Profile springs also reach nearly half. It can be said that the automobile manufactures the main market for our profiled springs.
Special-shaped springs are mainly used in transportation, daily hardware, instrumentation and electronic appliances, mining accessories and other industries. For example, special-shaped springs for supporting and repairing parts such as transportation cars, motorcycles, diesel engines, and railways.
Springs are very important in the current society and are promising. Each year our spring sales account for half of the hardware industry. In recent years, China's car industry has entered a period of rapid growth. The annual increase rate has remained at 15% to 25%. The demand for special-shaped springs will increase substantially. Special-shaped spring manufacturers will be a good opportunity for development.

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