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Automotive Hardware Stamping Parts

- Apr 11, 2018 -

1.Material properties

There are different types of stamping parts in the car. From ordinary plates to high strength plates, different plates have different yield strengths. The higher the yield strength of the plate, the more likely it is to rebound.

2. Material thickness

During the forming process, the sheet thickness has a great influence on the bending performance. As the thickness of the sheet increases, the rebound phenomenon will gradually decrease. This is because as the thickness of the sheet increases, the material involved in plastic deformation increases, and elastic recovery occurs. Deformation also increases, so the rebound becomes smaller.

3. Part shape

The rebound of parts with different shapes is very different, and parts with complex shapes will generally increase one-step reshaping to prevent springback from forming in place, and some parts with special shapes are more likely to rebound, such as U-shaped parts. In the analysis process, rebound compensation must be considered.

4. Part blank holder force

The BHF force stamping process is an important process measure. By constantly optimizing the blank holder force, the direction of the material flow can be adjusted and the internal stress distribution of the material can be improved. The increase of blank holder force can make the part drawing more fully, especially the parts' side wall and R angle position. If it is formed sufficiently, the internal and external stress difference will be reduced, and the rebound will be reduced.

5. Drawbeads

Drawbeads are widely used in today's technology. Reasonably setting the position of drawing can effectively change the material flow direction and effectively distribute the feed resistance on the material surface, so as to improve the formability of the material and it is easy to rebound. Setting drawbeads on the part will make the part more fully formed and the stress distribution will be more uniform, which will reduce the rebound.

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