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Automotive Stampings

- Apr 11, 2018 -

Improve the quality of automotive stamping parts:

1. The middle protective surface bracket is a key bearing connector for the integral dashboard assembly of the car cab, which is an important part to ensure the stable and reliable use of various instruments of the automobile. The high-speed rotation of the high-power engine and the bad road conditions of the vehicle are essential. It is easy to cause strong vibrations and jolts to the cab, resulting in disconnection or malfunction of the meter circuit and some functions in the front control panel.

Automotive stampings

2. The intermediate protective surface support must be able to withstand the impact, bending fatigue load and torque, so it must have sufficient bending strength, shear strength and good toughness.

3. If the part exceeds the allowable stress during the forming, or the micro-cracks extend to a certain extent, resulting in tearing or skewing, this will not only waste the material, but also allow the mold to be eccentrically loaded and accelerate the aging of the mold.

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